#1 2005-02-04 18:30:33


public gallery with 1.4ORC2

hello alls

you can have a look to my public gallery....
I have just change the BSF to the 1.4 ORC2...
I was not so difficult, just some changes on the IPTC display...

many many thanks for all of you who made this gallery zOrglub, gweltas.. but also for the friends who help me and answer to my questions on the forum...

now, I work on the private gallery... I have to move all files to"pwg_high" folders, rewrite IPTC, make medium sized pictures,... for more than 20000 pictures... You could imagin the work i have to do...

I love this gallery....

my wife not, she think I spend to much time with it..    :o)

thanks again !


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