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[title] php7.4 Notice

title 32302 ddtddt


Update ja_JP, thanks to Trumpet

bmp_description 32301 TranslationTeam

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

MyPiwiShop 32300 TranslationTeam

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

Cookie Consent d3fe3142 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update fr_CA, thanks to bgoutier

Cookie Consent b00b65fe Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

Cookie Consent 74fa15bf Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

Cookie Consent b9f3f6da Piwigo-TranslationTeam

fixes #1221 optionnaly include photos from sub-albums of an album matching the search request.

Piwigo 1be34f33 plegall

fixes #1248 translate escape

Piwigo d3439593 Louis

Update ja_JP, thanks to Trumpet

meta 32299 TranslationTeam

Add ja_JP, thanks to Trumpet

PersoAbout 32298 TranslationTeam

Update ja_JP, thanks to Trumpet

see_photos_by_user 32297 TranslationTeam

Update ja_JP, thanks to Trumpet

TakeATour 89e2eb79 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update da_DK, thanks to ddtddt

Cookie Consent 5a53f49a Piwigo-TranslationTeam

fixes #670 change default date to 1970 instead of year 0000

Piwigo 4bb4071a plegall

28 Octobre 2020

fixes #553 smartly remove the old history.summarized column

Piwigo 7a74f060 plegall

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

Flickr2Piwigo d403b1c8 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update nl_NL, thanks to watertoren5044

manage_properties_photos 32296 TranslationTeam

Add ca_ES, thanks to Tirs

add_index 32295 TranslationTeam

Add ca_ES, thanks to Tirs

add_index 32295 TranslationTeam

fixes #1192 use HTTPS to call

Piwigo d06637b7 plegall

fixes #1247 remove

Piwigo 6111b9a9 plegall

fixes #1215 only activate installation language, not all available languages

Piwigo ff47637c plegall

27 Octobre 2020

Merge branch 'master' of

Piwigo c464cdc7 Louis

fixes #1244 easier exit

Piwigo 5b352275 Louis

Update ca_ES, thanks to Tirs

see_photos_by_user 32294 TranslationTeam

Update es_ES, thanks to Tirs

see_photos_by_user 32293 TranslationTeam

26 Octobre 2020

fixes #525 add trigger at the end of add_uploaded_file

Piwigo 3e58f67c plegall

22 Octobre 2020

#1237 menubar closed in dashboard/plugin

Piwigo f8f219b6 Louis

17 Octobre 2020

fixes #38 new thumbnail for modus

piwigo-modus cfd2d15a Hannah

15 Octobre 2020

fixes #1240 use a modern and customizable confirmation popins

Piwigo eacad2a4 Louis

fixes #54 tell core/plugins/themes that add/edit photos page are not homepage

community 8a7e316e plegall

fixes #9 set core variable is_homepage to notify core/plugins/themes

Additional Pages 0e288630 plegall

fixes #1239 tags refresh tags now refresh when creating a new one, also remove wrong translation of display and input focus when clicking on the add button

Piwigo ba6b119e Louis

fixes #1238 tag input decay tag input decays by 1 pixel, fixed padding in the input and icon validate to stay at 38 px

Piwigo b2c03527 Louis

14 Octobre 2020

plugin lnik is now standalone like dashboard

Piwigo 5ac32db3 Louis

13 Octobre 2020

Merge branch 'master' of

Piwigo 4cec6f77 Louis

fixs #1236 adding translation in album edit page album edit page translation in en_UK and fr_FR

Piwigo cbec7a29 Louis

fixes #1236 adding translation in album edit page album edit page translation in en_UK and fr_FR

Piwigo 73b149d5 Louis

fixes #1235 capitalized words in actions In album edit page, the actions had every word capitalized, so I removed text-transform:capitalize from theme.css, then added translation for french and UK but with Capitlalized actions names who where modified in cat_modify template

Piwigo 37f90c90 Louis

fixes #1234 added translation for tag manager page added translations for the strings used in this page especially the format strings, added the base entries in en_UK and some translations for fr_FR

Piwigo 54eac476 Louis

[FR] album is masculine

Piwigo ba28f127 plegall

remove useless tooltip on createFirstAlbum button

Piwigo 6cd49217 plegall

12 Octobre 2020

fixes #1233 better skeleton template better skeleton template which starting at 2 divs adds more until there is a scrollbar then removes one to have as much

as possible in the skeleton template

Piwigo 04f8d055 Louis

fixes #1232 unnecessary help button unnecessary help button in search album page, hidden via display none in thme.css and commenting the show help in cat_search.tpl

Piwigo 993b8a19 Louis

fixes #1231 translation search album adding translation in en_UK and fr_FR for the search album page

Piwigo a3cedff2 Louis

fixes #1230 no groups error Avoid using count on the groups variables if it is empty or undefined with ternary expression

Piwigo ca49e25e Louis

fixes #1229 album properties table css Fix the css of the double select on the app by setting the width to 100% to the categoryList, the doubleSelect and to 50% to the inside the table

Piwigo 4908e315 Louis

7 Octobre 2020

fixes #37 fix_admin_panel

piwigo-modus a61a67fd Louis

5 Octobre 2020

add testimonial from paris1sorbonne

piwigodotorg 3b2ffd71 plegall

add example paris1sorbonne

piwigodotorg 62b0881f plegall

4 Octobre 2020

Update de_DE, thanks to e-dschungel

Memories 32292 TranslationTeam

3 Octobre 2020


Cookie Consent 00230dea Martie

2 Octobre 2020

Home page changes fondation arc logo swaped for Sorbonne logo

piwigodotorg 2d30c6ab Hannah


Cookie Consent 870ee1ee Martie


Cookie Consent 1748103a Martie

added html-support for button. Added html button config in admin. Fix css issue with h1/h3

Cookie Consent 96417bff Martijn

removed trailing dot

Cookie Consent ab68f738 Martijn

next release is 2.11.0beta4

Piwigo 6756838c plegall

issue #1069 forgot to set new settings at install

Piwigo c2040f62 plegall