Activités de développement

Derniers commits dans le noyau de Piwigo mais aussi dans les plugins, thèmes et autres outils. Cette page centralise les commits de plusieurs centaines de dépôts pour qu'il soit plus facile de savoir ce qui se passe dans l'écosystème Piwigo.


fixes #2016 remove search.last_seen, never really used

Piwigo 426c20d4 plegall

issue #2016 save search in history

Piwigo b5c9ca48 plegall

copy PHP requirement from official website

Piwigo 727d9b40 Pierrick Le Gall

30 Septembre 2023

Merge pull request #90 from joubu/issue_89

piwigo-openstreetmap b95445fc xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #162 from 7tonin/master

piwigo-openstreetmap 7f3605fc xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #178 from fg193/master

piwigo-openstreetmap 5555e35f xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #211 from tomchiverton/patch-1

piwigo-openstreetmap 7004e4dc xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #185 from 7tonin/patch-2

piwigo-openstreetmap 1834bd60 xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #180 from samwilson/l10n-messages

piwigo-openstreetmap 933ee9c4 xbgmsharp

29 Septembre 2023

issue #2001 Undefined array key user_options_selected

Piwigo f6e3883c plegall

batch manager, search help tips: switch to popin instead of popup

Piwigo ac1daad2 plegall

issue #2001 set useless but required template variables in popuphelp

Piwigo 689b31f8 plegall

PHP 8 compatibility, check template variable DATE_POSTED before use

Piwigo 02afefdd plegall

fixes #61 check template variable before use

piwigo-modus 1aad9d39 plegall

issue #2001 Undefined array key ADD_TO_ALBUM with PHP 8.2

Piwigo 89a20cc1 plegall

28 Septembre 2023

fixes #2009 give a default value for show_root_btn template variable

Piwigo 0be9c294 plegall

27 Septembre 2023

search: prevent using search id if the search uuid is available

Piwigo eafa7007 plegall

fixes #2007 no longer possible to update a filteredSearch

Piwigo fdd2177e plegall

25 Septembre 2023

fixes #2003 search in tags no longer overides global result.

Piwigo 61492d09 plegall

24 Septembre 2023

Update batch_manager_global.tpl

Piwigo 195230b6 OSWorX

21 Septembre 2023

fixes #58 add min-width

piwigo-modus fa1b14c2 HWFord

20 Septembre 2023

related #1986 add comments

Piwigo e07f7d38 HWFord

fixes #1986 remove document on click

Piwigo 236c997d HWFord

newsletter 20230920_en

piwigodotorg ed83c02b plegall

Update common.lang.php

Piwigo c5b5dd0b OSWorX

19 Septembre 2023

next release is 14.0.0beta3

Piwigo f625fd0a plegall

fixes #1984 class being removed on same class

Piwigo 3f95b007 HWFord

18 Septembre 2023

switch added_by filter from selectize to filetypes-style

piwigo-modus d035dc0e plegall

fixes #1983 switch added_by filter from selectize to filetypes-style

Piwigo 682de10d plegall

17 Septembre 2023

[meta] check php8.1

meta 32985 ddtddt

11 Septembre 2023

Merge pull request #236 from wurststulle/master

piwigo-openstreetmap a66b21a3 xbgmsharp

issue #223 support for WebP

Piwigo fa3625a6 plegall

Support webp format (#1785)

Piwigo 79e91e32 Phlogi

do not display 0 tags found

Piwigo 7f3a1f41 plegall

10 Septembre 2023

fix error message when OSMJS is not present

piwigo-openstreetmap e211014b wurststulle

8 Septembre 2023

fixes #1977 new trigger loc_action_before_http_headers

Piwigo 09979e8a plegall

Update [php 8.x warnings)

Additional Pages 9e3c931b OSWorX

6 Septembre 2023

fixes #1976 add translation keys

Piwigo 6875f4a3 HWFord

4 Septembre 2023

fixes #1975 with margin bottom

Piwigo 605ba091 HWFord

fixes #1974 removes breadcrumb

Piwigo 1b469e28 HWFord

fixes #1973 with padding bottom

Piwigo 9e5f9bd0 HWFord

fixes #1972 add margin to icon

Piwigo 426af806 HWFord

fixes #19 move div tag inside of a tag

piwigodotorg 766317cb HWFord