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  • Author: acp
  • Categories: Plugin
  • First revision date: 2006-10-02
  • Latest revision date: 2007-08-23
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
  • Downloads: 12586

About: secureImages n'est plus un MOD, mais un plugin à part entière si vous utilisez PHPWG 1.7 !

Ce MOD vous permet de complètement bloquer l'accès à vos images à tout utilisateur n'en n'ayant pas les droits, sans avoir besoin d'utiliser une authentification HTTP.
Après installation, copier le fichier plugin/secureImages/htaccess_Sample dans votre répertoire 'galleries' et renommez le en '.htaccess'.

ATTENTION: Ce MOD ne permet pas d'empêcher des visiteurs d'enregistrer les images qu'ils visualisent sur votre site. Ceci est en fait tout simplement impossible...

secureImages is not a MOD anymore when using PHPWG 1.7, but a normal plugin (no modification of the files needed)!

This MOD allows you to block unauthorized access to your images without having to use HTTP authentification.
After installation, copy the plugin/secureImages/.htaccess file to your 'galleries' directory and rename it to '.htaccess'.

ATTENTION: This MOD does not prevent visitors from saving copies of the images displayed on your website. The latter is in fact simply impossible...

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Revision 0.5.0 2077 Downloads, Released on 2007-08-23
Download revision 0.5.0

Compatible with: 1.7

* Plugin is now configurable (options are saved in a data.dat file). Thanks
to flipflip for his tutorial:
* Two types of .htaccess can now be generated:
_ complete: all files are handled by getFile.php
_ selective: we only protect private files; all those available to guests
(either because they are public, or because they are attached to a public
virtual category) are not handled by getFile.php, instead we redirect the
web browser to the file itself, something that is allowed by the .htaccess
files. (ATTENTION, this mode is not always supported by the webhoster; does not allow this normally)
* Finally dealing with files that are not images. You can exclude file types
based on their extension. For instance, you may wish to grant direct access
(not through getFile.php) on all *.avi files (for performance purposes or
issues with your webhoster).
Only possible with selective type of .htaccess.
* Possible to exclude files based on their size (once again for performance
purposes, or issues with your webhoster).
Only possible with selective type of .htaccess.
You need to have metadata synchronized.
* You can add extra commands in the generated .htaccess files through the
configuration panel (pre- or append, or both)
* Possibility to remove all .htaccess files to revert to normal (Uninstall
option is now available when the plugin is desactivated)
* Private thumbnails representing public categories are now accessible, see
Thanks to vimages for reporting.
* Modified code for .htaccess generation. Using PHP classes although
compatibility with PHP4 does not allow any fancy stuff...
* Access to forbidden images redirects to an error icon instead of an empty
* Cache-Control is now handled; it was supposed to work already, don't know
what happened there. If the image is available in the user's cache, we do
not send it again: better performance.

Revision 0.4.4-beta 819 Downloads, Released on 2007-07-19
Revision 0.4.3 708 Downloads, Released on 2007-05-30
Revision 0.4.2 752 Downloads, Released on 2007-05-23
Revision 0.4-1 719 Downloads, Released on 2007-03-31
Revision 0.4 647 Downloads, Released on 2006-12-13
Revision 0.3-2 1027 Downloads, Released on 2006-12-05
Revision 0.3-1 977 Downloads, Released on 2006-11-06
Revision 0.3 933 Downloads, Released on 2006-10-29
Revision 0.2-1 1001 Downloads, Released on 2006-10-10
Revision 0.2 954 Downloads, Released on 2006-10-08
Revision 0.1-1 1004 Downloads, Released on 2006-10-06
Revision 0.1 968 Downloads, Released on 2006-10-02
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