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Bulk Manager

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  • Author: plg
  • Categories: Plugin
  • First revision date: 2010-08-15
  • Latest revision date: 2010-08-18
  • Available languages: 1 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.1
  • Downloads: 2175
English [UK]

About: This is the new bulk manager (for caddie content or all photos of a category, or the "recent pictures") under preparation for Piwigo 2.2. This plugin will help to get user feedback (difficult for users to test on trunk).

TODO list:
* filtering system
* information message on what was done when applying an action

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Revision 2.1b 1675 Downloads, Released on 2010-08-18
Download revision 2.1b

Compatible with: 2.1

Available languages: 1 (see)

English [UK]

New filtering system
New select action "select whole set"

Revision 2.1a 500 Downloads, Released on 2010-08-15
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