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Virtual AutoGrant

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  • Author: VDigital
  • Categories: Plugin
  • First revision date: 2010-07-01
  • Latest revision date: 2011-04-02
  • Available languages: 3 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.1, 2.2
  • Downloads: 2923
Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Français [FR]

About: In case of image upload by Admin > Photos > Add or through an API caller (like pLoader, ...),
on category creation:
- Apart of other options and the $conf['newcat_default_status']) value, the category could be private or public,
- You could be automatically authorised on a private new one,
- Creation by an admin, he and you could be authorized,
- That's true for all pLoader creators authorized by the "Community" plugin.
on the picture side:
- You can choose to propagate the creator privacy level to "Who can see this photo?".
- You can be excluded from this propagation.
- Propagation is a main point on public categories, and you can choose to deactivate it on private categories.
Out of these changes, you observe any change from the standard behaviour (and absolutely no on FTP+Synchro)

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Revision 2.2.a 1422 Downloads, Released on 2011-04-02
Download revision 2.2.a

Compatible with: 2.2

Available languages: 3 (see)

Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Français [FR]

Added by: ddtddt

compatible 2.2.0 Thanks Eric

Revision 2.1.a 535 Downloads, Released on 2010-07-01
Revision 2.1.2 966 Downloads, Released on 2010-07-13
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