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Technical changes in Piwigo 2.4

This page lists the technical changes that may be useful for plugin and theme developpers to make their extension compatible with Piwigo 2.4.

replace $conf['local_data_dir'] with $conf['data_location']

Derivatives (multiple size)


Core functions

  • get_thumbnail_location - removed
  • get_thumbnail_path - removed
  • get_thumbnail_url - deprecated (it will not be there in 2.5) - use Derivative_Image::thumb_url
  • get_high_location, get_high_path, get_high_url - removed
  • get_image_location - removed
  • get_image_path - removed - use ( new SrcImage($infos) )→get_path()
  • get_image_url - removed - use ( new SrcImage($infos) )→get_url()
  • file_path_for_type - removed



  • get_thumbnail_location, get_thumbnail_url
  • get_element_location


get_mimetype_location (replaces get_thumbnail_location)

How To

how to update your .tpl files :

  • to define a size using an default size : {define_derivative name='NAME' type='TYPE'} where NAME is the name of the derivative created (use it like $pwg→derivative($NAME, $src-image), and TYPE can have the values : square, thumb, 2small, xsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge, xxlarge. The sizes corresponding to these types are available in Configuration → Options → Photo sizes
  • to define a new size : {define_derivative name='NAME' width='WIDTH' height='HEIGHT' crop=true/false min_height='MIN_HEIGHT' min_width='MIN_WIDTH'} where NAME is the name of the derivative created (use it like $pwg→derivative($NAME, $src-image), WIDTH and HEIGHT are required and must be numeric values, the attribute crop is optional (default value false), and the attributes min_width and min_height are also optional (only numeric value)
  • to get a url of a picture according to the NAME derivative : {$pwg→derivative_url($NAME, 'src of the original picture')} OR {assign var=my_derivative value=$pwg→derivative($NAME, 'src of the original picture')} with {$my_derivative→get_url()}

List of functions available as {$my_derivative→function()} :

  • get_path() returns the path of the resized picture
  • get_url() ) returns the url of the resized picture
  • same_as_source() returns true if the picture has not been resized
  • get_type() returns 'Orignal' or 'Type' where type can be 'square', 'thumb', '2small', 'xsmall', 'small', 'medium', 'large', 'xlarge', 'xxlarge' and 'custom'
  • get_size() returns the size of the derivative image as an array : Array { 'width', 'height'}
  • get_size_htm() return the string 'width=”'.$size[0].'” height=”'.$size[1].'”'
  • get_size_hr() returns the string $size[0].' x '.$size[1]
  • get_scaled_size($maxw, $maxh) needs maximum width and maximum height, and returns the new size needed for a scaled reduction
  • get_scaled_size_htm($maxw=9999, $maxh=9999) returns the string 'width=”'.$size[0].'” height=”'.$size[1].'”' where the array size is the size returned by get_scaled_size($maxw, $maxh)
  • is_cached() returns true if the resized picture exists or need to be created via i.php : useful for Ajax loading

List of functions available as template function ie {$pwg→function($NAME, 'src of the original picture')}

  • derivative_url($type, $img) returns the url of the resized picture

Album administration screen (cat_modify)

There is no longer admin.php?page=cat_modify&cat_id=1234, use instead admin.php?page=album-1234

For admin.php?page=cat_perm&cat=1234, use instead admin.php?page=album-1234-permissions

CSS classes renamed on comment_list.tpl

.thumbnailCategories is renamed into .commentsList

.thumbnailCategory is renamed into .commentElement

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