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Mug Shot

Révision 1.1 (2017-12-13)

English [GB]

Description: This is a fork of the piwigo-facetag plugin and adds a bit more functionality. The code base has been rewritten using an object literal class style and includes some new features. Please note that it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL.

1) Group mapping; You can specify the groups allowed to tag faces.
2) Support for deleting individual tags on an image.
3) Mass updates; No need to click the button for each tag.
4) Tag will resize/shift when new image size is selected.
5) Must be logged in to tag faces.
6) Does not require Jquery (scripts or styles) if you're into that.

See github ( for info about use and theme compatibility.

Lots of bug fixes
* Issues with mugshot frame & mouse alignment
* Theme compatibility
* Issue with unrecognized url to go to admin panel
* Cleaned up codebase.

Themes (full)
* Dark, Bootstrap Darkroom, Bootstrap Default, Sylvia, Clear.

Themes (partial)
* Elogent, Smartpocket desktop

* Prepping for automatic facial recognition. Will need data for this (training the recognition models) so I made an option to crop tagged faces and save them in a directory. Just for clarity, your photos stay on your server.

Please see the github for more info about what I mean by full/partial and more info about the additions.

(1 extensions)
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