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piwigo_privacy 0de0da95 Yoni Jah

feat: added conf piwigo_privacy_allow_whitespaces to allow path that contain white spaces

piwigo_privacy de478157 Yoni Jah

Add AboutActivity and cleanup AccountManager (#59)

Piwigo-Android 20fa6e7b Raphael Mack

add sums file for 2.9.4

Check Files Integrity 18ceb56b plegall

13 Octobre 2018

Merge branch 'upload-single-photo'

Piwigo-Android f0f188c9 Raphael Mack

update .gitignore

Piwigo-Android 95619f9f Raphael Mack

working version

Piwigo-Android f1e52e54 jeff-amn

12 Octobre 2018

Merge pull request #55 from ramack/master

Piwigo-Android adb543e4 Raphael Mack

merge upstream

Piwigo-Android fd4cb8c2 Raphael Mack

pass the tests

Piwigo-Android 2c9b91f4 Raphael Mack

improvements on account manager

Piwigo-Android 6cbc2051 Raphael Mack

Add deprecation notice

bootstrapdefault d89603ec Phil Bayfield

10 Octobre 2018

add trailing slash to url if needed

Piwigo-Android 81d2189b Raphael Mack

remove fabric and crashlytics (#51)

Piwigo-Android 5246db56 Raphael Mack

8 Octobre 2018

Update zh_CN, thanks to dennisyan,

piwigodotorg 1061c665 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update eo_EO, thanks to axel584

TakeATour 36c69f46 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update da_DK, thanks to Kaare

Flickr2Piwigo 6fabf876 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update da_DK, thanks to Kaare

piwigodotorg 2617bc6e Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update eo_EO, thanks to axel584

user_delete_photo 31942 TranslationTeam

7 Octobre 2018

get rid of warning

Piwigo-Android 3f0afb7c Raphael Mack

remove unused stuff, which partly generates warnings

Piwigo-Android 0b0c21d0 Raphael Mack

improve README

Piwigo-Android b5295e44 Raphael Mack

add missing file

Piwigo-Android 13a5cefd Raphael Mack

yet another try to fix the travis license issue, and remove some unneeded stuff

Piwigo-Android 0ff0bae0 Raphael Mack

update travis

Piwigo-Android dea2aa1a Raphael Mack

finally get rid of fabric and crashlytics, fixes #12

Piwigo-Android 7e9a192d Raphael Mack

merge upstream

Piwigo-Android ee19850c Raphael Mack

4 Octobre 2018

Account management (#48)

Piwigo-Android 330b65a9 Raphael Mack

27 Septembre 2018

fixes #1, use the new value if form is submitted

edit_filename cdb5e908 plegall

25 Septembre 2018

added some details about copyright and licensing (see #11) (#28)

Piwigo-Android a5518145 Raphael Mack

23 Septembre 2018

Merge branch 'license-improvements'

Piwigo-Android 8deebbee Raphael Mack